Case Study: Advanced Genetic Selection Tools – Ensuring Safety in Gene Editing

Dave Heilig

Four decades of global industry specific experience has led to a knowledge base and contacts list that is unsurpassed in today’s workforce. At the end of the day, Dave’s greatest strength is his knack for defining complex and technical problems into common sense questions that lead to efficient solutions. His service on a dental company’s BOD exemplifies the value of how his “common sense” approach can clarify the signal from the noise, no matter what industry or business sector.

A former university business professor, he has strong interpersonal communication skills that help him maximize employee productivity, and a well-honed public speaking talent that he uses in team building meetings or dynamic C-level presentations. 1979 BS Animal Science Cal Poly Pomona, 2001 EMBA University Nebraska. Lived in 16 cities, 9 states, and worked in 23 countries.

Dave has worked for or contracted projects with Forbes 100 companies focused on market opportunities assessment, new product development & optimization, macro industry risk, and regulatory risk. As a creative intrapreneur, he has been instrumental in driving concept inception that results in new companies and hatching line extensions in North America. Some of the companies that Dave has worked with include: Amden Corporation, BASF, Central Life Sciences, Coopers Chase Distilling, Ralston Purina, Syngenta, Tryadd SA., DuPont, Primordial Genetics and OrPro Therapeutics. Dave retired from the ADM company where he served as the Director of Animal Nutrition, focusing on creating a line of nutritional enzymes. He is currently CEO of Zymetrics and serving as an advisor to several Biotech companies and a BOD member of a Mexican company.