HEC Communicating Agriculture Beyond Academia Program

Recordings Seminars 2020 - 2022

The Big Deal About Communicating

In this seminar we discuss the importance of communication in livestock industry careers, and discover how effective communication skills can help you grow as a professional.

Communicating in the World of Extension

In this seminar Mary Drewnowski explains how to effectively communicate science to livestock producers in extension settings, how to build trust and become a skilled and confident communicator in the agriculture industry.

Communicating With the World-Wide Web

Allyse Steffen give us tips on how to use Internet-based communication of science to effectively engage with audiences, disseminate information, and promote scientific literacy and understanding.

Communicating in a Sales Call

In this seminar Jennie Smith and Todd Michels share how to effectively sell your scientific ideas and innovations to investors and potential partners in the business world, translating science into real-world impact.

Communicating with Media

Meet Donna Moenning, an agricultural journalist who teach us how to effectively communicate complex science to the general public, increasing the visibility and impact of our work.

Communicating With Governing Bodies

Should we or should we not try to influence policy decisions? Tom Peterson shows how to effectively communicate research to government officials in order to promote evidence-based decision-making.

Communicating with consumers: if they’d just listen!

Natasha Mortenson help us evaluate the best ways to communicate with consumers and identify common misconceptions about agriculture.

Communicating With Farmers

Learn to effectively communicate science to livestock producers and the community with Julie Ellingson. Ensure that your research is understood and appreciated by all.

Recordings Seminar Discussions 2023

Discussion With Jim Dunn

What are the biggest challenges when communicating science? Student's participants share theirs.

Discussion With Mary Drewnowski

Mary is back to give us more tips on how to engage with producers and make our science communication clear and effective

Discussion With Terry Wicks

Terry has 30 years of experience working at sales. He discuss with us what's the best way to approach customers and build trusted relationships when selling our science!

Discussion With Michael Crinion

Michael discuss with the students what's the best way to approach policy makers.

Discussion with Haidi Zwinger

Heidi discuss with the students how to break myths when communicating agricultural science to consumers.