Round Tables

We’ve got some exciting round table sessions lined up for our participants this year. These sessions will feature real-life case studies on a variety of topics, from gene editing use to the latest in state laws and mandates for agriculture. It’s your chance to dive into some practical, hands-on discussions with industry leaders

Case of Studies: Topics Conference 2023

Biodiesel Mandates

Case Study: Federal and State Biodiesel Mandates – A Closer Look at Soy Oil Demand and Livestock Nutrition: In this intriguing case study, we delve into the consequences of federal and state biodiesel mandates, which have led to a surge in demand for soy oil as a biodiesel feedstock. The question at hand: how does this affect concentrated energy sources for livestock, and does it come at the expense of nitrogen excretion?

Proposition 12

Case Study: Prop 12 – Navigating State Laws in Agriculture: In our quest to understand the dynamics of agriculture, let’s dive into a pertinent case study: Proposition 12. This ballot measure, initially passed in California, highlights the challenges of navigating state laws in the agricultural industry

Marketing "Niche Markets"

Case Study: Marketing ‘Niche Markets’ in the Meat Product Industry: Marketing to niche markets comes with its own set of challenges. It requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior, stringent quality control, and often involves higher production costs. This case study delves into the strategies and challenges involved in catering to specialized consumer preferences

Life Cicle Analysis

Case Study: Balancing Sustainability Between Food and Energy: In the ongoing quest for sustainability, we turn our attention to a thought-provoking case study: the use of productive land for solar energy generation versus food production. This case exemplifies the complex choices we face in our pursuit of a sustainable future.


Case Study: Advanced Genetic Selection Tools – Ensuring Safety in Gene Editing: Let’s dive into a critical case study: the safety and reliability of gene editing in genetics, reproduction and product development. This case underscores the imperative of ensuring the responsible use of advanced genetic technologies.


Case Study: Activists – Stirring Active and ‘Hostile’ Discussions: This case study highlights the fine balance between passionate advocacy and effective communication. It reminds us that while sparking debate is essential for change, it’s crucial to foster constructive, respectful dialogues to achieve common goals.

Communication Workshop

Communication Workshop: Enhancing Your Presentation Skills: In this workshop, we’ll help you review and refine crucial details to ensure your presentation is impactful. From content structure to delivery techniques, we’ll cover it all.